Tipped seasoned Hardwood - 80cm x 80cm Builders Bag

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The builders bag is the one most other companies try to pass off as the cubic metre bag of hardwood logs,it is smaller in size and only holds just over half a cubic metre 0.6m3, there are many companies that use these bags and call them metre or metric bags, the builders bag slightly smaller than the 1 cubic metre bulk bag  its size is 80cm x 80cm , our cubic metre bags hold two of these builders bags, our builders bag is the same size as builders merchants use to deliver sand in and  holds on average 160 pieces of logs delivered and tipped out on the floor at the point our delivery vehicle can reach, thus reducing the cost.great value contains a mixture of the best burning logs, ash, beech, sycamore, and oak, giving a bright flame and a long burn.


we are now in our busy period from November to March please phone or message for a approximate delivery date , we are delivering to most areas Carmarthen, Llanelli , Gower, Swansea , Portalbot, on a daily  basis , if you are running low on your stock of logs let us know to see if we can delivery sooner , telephone 07903483331





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